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Thank you for visiting By accessing and/or using this Website you agree to accept the terms of this Privacy Policy as well as the Website’s Terms of Use. By accessing or using this Website you expressly consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information in any manner described in this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy extends to both, users who visit the Website but do not transact business on the Website (“Users”) as well as users who are registered and are authorized by the Website to transact business on the Website (“Members”).

Carat-Plus respects your privacy and we understand and share your concern about the privacy of your personal information. This notice describes our privacy policies. By visiting Carat-Plus website, you are confirming your agreement to the privacy policies described in this Privacy Policy, if you do not agree to these terms, exit this page and not access or use the website.


 Information Collection and Use

We collect and store any information that you may enter on any of our web sites or provide to us in some other way. For example, when you place an order and/or sign-up for email communications and updates, we collect and store personal information so that we may provide the products and services that you have ordered or requested. Such information may include your name, address, age, date of birth, gender,email address, telephone and fax numbers and information about your interests and activities. You can choose not to provide certain types of information, but that may result in you being unable to use certain features of our website. We may also collect and store information about other people that you provide to us. For example, you may submit a person's name and address if you wish us to ship a product as a gift to a friend. We do not accept any 

Cookies is a small piece information and is created when you use your browser to visit our website to keep track of your movements within the site. Cookies are useful for enabling the browser to remember information specific to a given user. places both permanent and temporary cookies in your computer's hard drive. cookies do not contain any of your personally identifiable information. Information collected may include the type of web browser you are using, the operating system of your computer and the domain name of your internet service provider. Most browsers accept cookies automatically but allow you to disable them. We recommend that you leave cookies "turned on" so that we can offer you a better shopping experience. Utilities are available from third parties to help you visit websites anonymously, but use of such utilities may also prevent us from providing you with the best shopping experience at CaratPlus.

All personal information that we collect from our customers is used to improve our relevance to you and to improve your shopping experience with us.

We use the information that you provide so that we may provide the products and services that you havenordered or requested. In addition, we may send you (via email or other means)nofferings of products or services which we think may be of interest to you ornwe may ask you to participate in activities such as special surveys. We make use of thenpersonal details for providing you with service requests. For various purposesnlike troubleshooting problems, collection of fees, for surveys and fornproviding information on various offers, we need your personal information. Wenalso collect and analyze the demographic and profile data about users activitynin our website. We make sure to identify and use the IP address for diagnosingnproblems in our website.




We will not share thenpersonal information which you provide to us except (i) for the purposes thatnyou provided it to us, (ii) with your prior consent, (iii) as may be requirednby law as we reasonably deem necessary to protect CaratPlus or others fromninjury or loss, or (iv) with other persons or entities with whom we contract tonprovide services in connection with our website or other business activities.nIf we do share such personal information with a third party, we will, to thenextent practical, require that the recipient protect that information in anmanner consistent with this Privacy Policy. However, we cannot guarantee hownsuch a third party will use personal information.




We sometimes usennon-personally identifiable, summary or aggregate information that we collectnto improve the design and content of our website and to enable us to furthernenhance your shopping experience with CaratPlus. We may also share suchnaggregate information with third parties for that purpose.




The personal informationnwhich you provide to CaratPlus is an asset of the company and may be includednin the assets transferred to an acquirer if CaratPlus is acquired by a thirdnparty. In the event of such a transfer, any personal information transferrednshall remain subject to the terms and promises contained in this PrivacynPolicy.

 SMS Policy

SMSnotifications arensent only to those who have subscribed to CaratPlus's newsletters or updates.nSubscribers' or customers' information will not be shared elsewhere; we respectnyour privacy.


At CaratPlus we believento have in place appropriate procedures to protect the security of personalninformation transmitted to us or by us.

 Access toncorrection

CaratPlus gives younaccess to the personal information that we have collected about you and thenability to correct any errors in such information. For instructions on how tonaccess and/or make corrections to your personal information please contact ournoffice at +91 80 4126 0076.


Our website is notndirected toward children and CaratPlus does not sell products for purchase bynchildren. We do not knowingly collect information from anyone under the age ofneighteen.


Identity theft and thenpractice currently known as "phishing" are of great concern toPlatform. Safeguarding information to help protect You from identity theft is a top priority. We do not and will not, at any time, request your credit card information or national identification numbers in a non-secure or unsolicitedn email or telephone communication.

 Changes in Privacy Policy

From time to time We may update this Privacy Policy. Your continued subscription to our services constitutes an acceptance of the then-current Privacy Policy and Terms of Use so we encourage You to visit this page periodically to review any changes.

Terms of use, notices and revisions

If you visit CaratPlus website, your visit and any dispute concerning privacy will be subject to this Privacy Notice and our Terms of Use. Our business continues to develop and evolve and this Privacy Notice and our Terms of Use will accordingly change from time to time. We may send you reminders of our privacy policies and terms from time to time, by email or otherwise, unless you have told us not to do so.However, you should check our website from time to time to inform yourself of any changes. The form of our Privacy Policy in effect from time to time will apply to all information that we have collected.

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